Teacher Testimonials



“Taiwan was a wonderful and very rewarding experience. Taiwan has so much to offer – vibrant cities, lofty mountains, chilled out beaches, fascinating culture, amazing food and above all warm, friendly, welcoming people. The school is a great place to work. The management, teachers and admin staff are excellent and all very supportive and easy going, which made it a nice environment to work in. I taught a wide range of age groups and levels. The learners were good fun to teach and I miss them a lot! The staff room is well stocked with teaching materials and resources and the teachers were always sharing ideas with each other, which helped make it a professionally stimulating place to work. I loved my time working at the school and living in Taiwan and would recommend it to anyone.”



“I loved my time working at the SC1! During the three and a half years I worked there, I learned how to become a better teacher with the help of the owner, senior teachers, and colleagues. Everyone at SC1 works hard to make classes instructive, creative, and fun! Because of my wonderful experience there, I have decided to make teaching my career. I also enjoyed my time in Taiwan because of the beautiful landscape, the fantastic food, and the welcoming people. If anyone ever tells me they’re interested in teaching abroad, I always recommend Taiwan and especially SC1!”



“I was working in China when I went to Taiwan on holiday. Within the first afternoon, I’d decided I wanted to live there. As soon as I got back, I applied for many jobs and was lucky enough to get a few interviews. What really stood out about SC1 compared to other schools during my interviews was the friendliness of the people already there. It seemed like the school really cared about their teachers not only enjoying their jobs, but also making the most of being in Taiwan. When I arrived, this was all proved to be true. But while I was working at the school, something else stood out more than anything: organisation. Having worked in China and now in Italy, I can honestly say that SC1 is the most organised school I’ve ever come across. This made working there so much better because I could focus on teaching without any unwanted distractions. This extended outside the school. When it came to things like visas, finding an apartment, applying for tax rebates and the other stuff that can be a chore in a new country, I was amazed at how the school handled it all. What I came to realise throughout my time there was that the school was working so hard to make things comfortable because they really cared about the teachers, not just as employees but as people, as friends. They wanted us to take as much as possible from our experience in Taiwan, and, with their help and generosity, I certainly did. I left Taiwan to be closer to my family in England. Had I stayed, I wouldn’t have considered working in a different school. I still miss the school, the people and the country to this day.”



“When I first accepted the job teaching English in Taiwan, I was excited but nervous. I had very little travel experience, I had never been to Asia, I knew next to no Chinese, and I had never taught in a classroom before. The horror stories that I found on Taiwan themed message boards only heightened my apprehension. But when I arrived in Taiwan to start my new job at Wordsworth SC1, I was greeted by a professional, helpful, and understanding boss who did everything possible to make me feel welcomed. At Wordsworth, my fair wages have always been paid on time without discrepancy, I have never had trouble using my allotted vacation time, and my boss has been understanding of sickness and family emergencies. I have always been given the space and respect to teach in a style that works for me, while also being respectfully challenged to be the best teacher that I can be. Adapting to life in Taiwan was surprisingly easy, and Taipei quickly became my home. I fell in love with this beautiful country and its friendly people, and there’s nowhere in the world that I would rather be. I think, however, that if I had taken a job with another school which has a reputation of treating its employees like faceless drones, my experience in Taiwan would have been quite different.

What started as an apprehensive jump into the unknown quickly became the greatest experience of my life. My one year teaching adventure has turned into an indefinite stay in Taiwan. I would recommend Wordsworth to new and experienced teachers alike. It is a company that truly looks after its employees.”