About Wordsworth

Wordsworth English is the product of many years of experience telling us that we can achieve better results than the standard model of English schools in Taiwan. We feel passionately that we are not here just to teach our students English. We encourage them to use the English we teach them to learn about the world around them. Therefore, we teach our students about history, world cultures, the natural world, significant people and structures, and a number of other topics.

Teaching at Wordsworth

Wordsworth English is a great environment for qualified teachers. Our teachers receive the benefit of a knowledgeable and professional staff and management team. For experienced teachers, we provide an excellent opportunity to strengthen and expand existing skills. For less experienced teachers, our training and support offer a solid foundation for effective English teaching.


  • 5-day work week
  • Visa, work permit, ARC
  • National Health Insurance
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Structured training and ongoing support
  • Contract completion bonus